Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sashiko and quilts trip to Japan, January 2016

Arena Travel have announced details for our sashiko and quilts trip to Japan in January - see their website for more information.

We are going to start with Setagaya Boroichi flea market (below) and end with the quilt show at the Tokyo Dome (above), with a trip to the north of Japan in between, traveling by Shinkansen and express train to visit 'chiku chiku' sashiko specialist Akiko Ike and learn traditional Yuza Sashiko with Yuza Sashiko Guild, before going right up to Hirosaki to try koginzashi.  There will be lots of beautiful snowy scenery in between too, just like in the quilt above.

We will visit Asakusa in Tokyo.

The Amuse Museum.

Toyko National Museum.


Yuza Sashiko Guild are holding a welcome party for us, and we'll have several sashiko classes with them.

More sightseeing around Yuza, including the wonderful Aoyama House.


Koginzashi, the special counted sashiko from Hirosaki.

Plus lots of wonderful train travel - this is the Inaho Express in Shonai.

There's lots of photos on my blog of my previous visits to all the places we will be going on this trip - I have included as many of my special favourite places as possible.  All bookings need to be made via Arena Travel.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Working on this today...

I've been quilting like mad on this for a while now - and it is 'only' 98in square!  My quilt inspired by a patchwork I saw at the V & A in 2010 is nearing completion.  The pattern will be published in Today's Quilter magazine quite soon.  It has a name now - Cinnabar and Nutmeg.  Thanks to Katie Chaplin of Japan Crafts for suggesting Nutmeg (after her cat) and Glyn for coming up with 'cinnabar'.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Forthcoming sashiko day workshops

I'm teaching a few day workshops locally, as well as running the sashiko courses at Kaleidoscope and Edinburgh Patchwork.  On Friday 9th October, I'm teaching at The Peacock and the Tortoise in Perth - all the details are in the link.  We are doing the 'Introduction to Shonai Sashiko'.  The photo above shows some of my workshop samples.

On Saturday 24th October I'm at a workshop organised by Clare Workman of Thistle Threads.  We will be getting started with the gorgeous sampler table runner from my first sashiko book.  I love this design, which I have also made into a version of the Rice Sack Bag.  It plays with several variations on asanoha (hemp leaf) and shippo (seven treasures), all based on the same marking grid.  Clare has booked St Andrews hall at Callander for our workshop venue, and the workshop fee of £50 includes delicious home baking and a soup & home made bread lunch.  To book this workshop call Clare on 01877 382924.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

World Textile Day at Saltford on Saturday

World Textile Day is at Saltford near Bristol on Saturday - details here

Unfortunately we won't be going.  I'm full of a really nasty cold after last weekend at Edinburgh and have just about lost my voice.  All the other traders will be there, so there are still lots of lovely things to be found.  Martyn (Slow Loris) has just come back from another trip to China, so he should have some great new items.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sashiko courses starting soon

The three Yuza and Shonai Sashiko courses I am teaching in Scotland will be starting at the end of next week.  The two courses I am running at Kaleidoscope in Milngavie are on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October and the course at Edinburgh Patchwork starts on Saturday 10th October.  The Edinburgh course is full but there may still be a few places available on the Kaleidoscope courses - contact Susan at Kaleidoscope for more information about those, as the shop is handling all the bookings for their courses.  Kaleidoscope's contact details are here.

Quite a lot of the students who are coming on these courses have already got their thread and fabric, which is the white thread and very dark indigo coloured cotton from Yuza Sashiko Guild in Japan.  However, I heard today that a few of the pieces of fabric I cut at the demo day at Kaleidoscope in August are a fraction of an inch too short to cut all the squares.  Sorry!  I was cutting really fast and must have measured some of them wrong.  If your piece is slightly short, please cut and prepare as many squares as you can - you will be short of one 41/2in square and one 41/2 x 9in strip - and bring the slightly short piece with you to class, where I will replace it with a strip cut exactly 41/2in across the full width of the fabric.  I will be able to use the slightly smaller pieces for another class.  We won't be using the 41/2 x 9in strip until our second session, so there will be plenty of time to overlock the edges.

I'm looking forward to starting everyone off on their sashiko journeys!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My application for The Quilters' Guilds teacher's travel bursary

I am applying for this bursary and the deadline is next week.  I have had some wonderful letters of support from former students, course organisers etc. but if anyone could write me another and e mail it to me before the start of next week, I'd be grateful.  A few people have promised me letters but the deadline has rolled around very quickly!  So if you can support me, please do.

 I would love to win this bursary as the funds would enable me to take another trip to Japan next year and stay a little longer than usual in Yuza-machi, to learn some of the more difficult Yuza Sashiko patterns that I have yet to master.  Then I can include them in my classes.

A link to all the Guild's bursaries is here.  There are other bursaries, for students, beginners etc. so it is worth having a look and giving it a go if you are Guild member!

Photos include work by my two Loch Lomond Sashiko classes, some of which has been shown in Japan and which will form part of my application.