Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Fine sashiko threads in the online shop - at last!

Now I have fine sashiko thread for sale in my online shop! It took a bit of work to get all the threads photographed and listed, but now it is done (apart from about 3 colours not in stock at the moment, which I hope to get in a few weeks).  These are the mega skeins of 370 metres, as used by Yuza Sashiko Guild.  It is also the same thread I use for my indigo dyed unique skeins, dyeing over the bleached white and natural cream.

The colours offer a different range from the Olympus thread and, because they are finer, can be used with a wider range of fabrics and any sashiko needles.  I love them for big stitch quilting too, and boro. There are three different reds - from the left, a primary red, vermilion, and a soft,faded red - although in the photo they look quite similar, in real life the difference is more obvious.

There are six fabulous shaded threads - two blues, and one red, green, black/beige/mustard and red/gold/green - with long shading pitch, so the threads change colour over more than 15cm (6in).

The greens are a bit different too, with a vivid bright light and medium green, a proper forest green and a beautiful jade green.

Some of the colours look quite wild on the skein, like the bubblegum pink and orange yellow shades, but once they are stitched, they look much less strident. The aubergine purple is one of my favourites and I plan to use it for a silk boro sometime, inspired by one of Emperor Shoumu's silk rag kesa robes from the Shouso-in Imperial Repository, which was stitched in a similar shade.

Plain colours are just £7 for cream or white, £8 for solid colours and £10 for the shaded threads - here.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Recent events - quilt shows, workshops and another tansu

Uploading photos to the blog from my phone is a very fiddly process! Blogger no longer has an app, so I have to upload them via the web version of the blog (tiny text) on my phone, and then blogger jumbles up the order of the photos! So I'm not posting pictures as often as I used to.  I wish I could find another way to work things around.  It is so much quicker and easier to upload pictures to my Facebook page or Instagram instead.

These photos are all from the last two weeks.  Just before August Bank Holiday weekend, I bought a van. It's first trip was to pick up my third kimono tansu (they have come along in threes, like buses!)

The seller had a warehouse full of other stuff, including all kinds of old Japanese miscellaneous things. We bought a few bits and pieces, including this ranma screen (shown on its side). It will be used at the top of the 'archway' when we demolish the wall between the hall and the 'new' little lounge downstairs.

Having a van made packing for the next event, Great Northern Quilt Show, much easier.

We could take all the shelves and the new spinner stands and still have enough space for lots of stock.

The show was busy and I didn't get much chance to see the quilts. Here are a few of my favourites, from the large wallhanging and bed quilt categories.

I think this is my favourite. It is so subtle and minimalist!


After the show, I went to Norfolk to teach at Broadly Patchwork.  The first two days were sashiko (sorry, no photos), followed by a boro class.

These are some work in progress photos of the students' work - Moon and Mt Fuji. Some magical landscapes being made.


World Textile Day East at Mundford was our next event (there are two more WTDs to come this year - click here for info). It was busy as usual.  I managed to snap these photos during the morning lecture.

I tried to colour coordinate our fabrics again.  Now we have a lot of the Olympus sashiko fabrics, tsumugi and stripes, so I have a really nice collection, as well as the narrow width kimono cottons. The Olympus fabrics are available in my online shop.

As we had sold so much of the kogin and sashiko threads, I didn't put the spinner stands up and we sold them from baskets and the storage drawers. I have more on order, arriving early next week.

This customer brought a lovely tote bag she had made using blocks from Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks - very effective use of fabrics I thought!

We started the drive home into a beautiful sunset on Sunday night. This is one of Glyn's favourite bridges, near Kings Lynn.

Home for a while now, and getting things ready for more shows this autumn and the start of my next Stockton-on-Tees sashiko course!