Thursday, 21 February 2019

Spring Quilt Festival at Harrogate this weekend

I'm setting up for the Spring Quilt Festival at Harrogate today, and it is open from tomorrow to Sunday. I'm teaching (a boro style landscape picture), trading and demonstrating.

I also have exciting news about my kogin book. We have almost finished checking the proofs now and this is the book cover. The Ultimate Kogin Collection will be published on 28th June 2019, but I am planning to launch it slightly early, at Gresford Craft Group and Wrexham Quilting Circle's annual show from 18 - 21st June (where we will be showing the projects from the book) and nationally on Sewing Quarter TV on 23rd June.  If I can get copies early enough, I'll also have it at World Textile Day at Bridge of Allan, Stirling, on 15th June.  Fingers crossed! This is why I have been so busy over the last eight months.  All the projects are staying under wraps for now... but I can show you the cover.  The front cover has some fab kogin buttons stitched by Fiona Fitheridge and Kogin Lab.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Sashiko Summer School in Scotland, 2019 - A Celtic/Pictish Sashiko Sampler

Summer sashiko school at Eassie Community Hall, near Glamis, summer 2019 - time for me to finalise the dates!  I have been really busy with work on The Ultimate Kogin Collection (due to be published in June) so I've been a bit quiet for a while!
Any of these blocks of dates is OK for the room I want plus use of the kitchen.
8th - 11th July (Monday to Thursday)
9th - 12th July (Tuesday to Friday)
10th - 13th July (Wednesday to Saturday)
11th - 14th July (Thursday to Sunday)
23rd - 26th July (Tuesday to Friday)
24th - 27th July (Wednesday to Saturday)
25th - 28th July (Thursday to Sunday)
19th - 22nd August (Monday to Thursday)
20 - 23rd August (Tuesday to Friday)
The hall booking secretary has mentioned that the local kids will be having a PE session in the main hall every week in August (actual day hasn't been set yet), and also that there's a Pilates class on Wednesdays (main hall). Neither use the kitchen. I can't have a weekend in August because they do teas on the Sundays and need the room both Saturday and Sunday.
I am booking the Strathview Room and use of the kitchen rather than the main hall. It looks like a really nice, well lit space. We will have the room from early evening on the first day through to 1pm on the last day.
The theme is going to be 'A Celtic/Pictish Sashiko Sampler', and I am going to be showing students how to draw some knotwork, spiral and fretwork designs from the Celtic/Pictish traditions (drawing inspiration from early Celtic art through to later knotwork), plus using some traditional Japanese patterns that fit well with Celtic designs (such as sayagata). There will be designs drawn straight onto the fabric with grids and also patterns transferred with chaco paper. I started looking at Celtic designs again last year after going to The Celts exhibition at the National Museum. You can incorporate your own Celtic/Pictish designs - I want to have some Z-rods and Pictish crescent designs in my sampler!
There are a lot of standing stones with Pictish carvings in this area. On the first day, I'm going to start the course with a visit to the Pictish stones museum at Miegle and I'm hoping one evening we will have a drive out to see the Aberlemno stones too (it would be great if we could do this on the second evening).
Before I finalise the dates, I wanted to run this past potential students, in case anyone reading this would like to attend. We will have use of the room from the start of the course right through to the end (i.e. we can leave our work there overnight). The cost for the course is £140 (to include your museum admission). I'll provide teas and coffees, and you can bring your own lunches etc. Eassie is not far from Forfar or Coupar Angus, so plenty of places to stay. Coupar Angus has the Red House hotel, where Yuza Sashiko Guild stayed, and it seems good. There are also places to stay around Glamis.
Let me know if you are interested and which dates would be preferable. I need to choose dates in the next couple of days. I need to sort out flyers asap, as I'd like to sell the course when I'm down at the Newark show towards the end of the month.
The first photo is of one of the Aberlemno stones - a composite photo because I couldn't fit it all into one shot! - and the second one is a stone cross in Aberlemno churchyard (I'm currently drawing up the circle swirls pattern from the centre and will be stitching it in sashiko in the next few days).

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Edinburgh - Exploring Japanese Boro

Saturday 1st December at Edinburgh Patchwork, I'm teaching a new class - 'Exploring Japanese Boro'.  We will be looking at boro and boro inspired pieces old and new, and starting some hand stitched boro panels.  Definitely slow stitch!  Very easy, meditative and suitable for all levels of stitching ability.

I have a few places left, so if you are interested, please contact me asap.  This will be a much smaller class than usual, as I want everyone to have plenty of space to arrange their boro pieces i.e. no shared tables.  Cost for the day is £40.  

Materials - as you can see from the photos, you can use all kinds of materials, including really worn pieces of clothing.  You will need a foundation fabric (this can also be recycled if you wish).  Thread for stitching can include sashiko thread, perle, coton a broder, crochet cotton etc. You will need a strong needle - a sashiko needle is good.  Pins and scissors to cut your fabric are really the only other tools you need.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Edinburgh - sashiko get together

Date - Saturday 24th November

Place - Edinburgh Patchwork

Time - 10.30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Event - Sashiko get together - a catch up class for my former students (from all my sashiko courses).

I’m hoping to get together former students from my various sashiko courses for the day.  The idea is to bring any current sashiko projects you are working on (or have finished since the course) and I will be teaching some NEW patterns from Yuza Sashiko’s latest book, which are larger moyouzashi patterns from Hokusai’s pattern book, Shingata Komoncho.  Materials and equipment - bring your basic sashiko kit, plus any sashiko materials you have, and an A3 cutting mat (I will bring some of mine you can use).  We will be working on larger pieces of fabric, 9in square minimum, or go up to cushion panel size.  I have threads and fabrics if you need any more, plus refills for the pens.

The sampler in the photo above is Jo Maguire's.

Day costs £40 (I have to rent the room and get there!)

Drop me a line if you can make it.  As usual, there’s only space for 10 people.

I’m also running a boro day on Saturday 1st December and doing my sashiko Rice Sack Bag Revisited in two sessions - 15th December and 5th January. Details here -  I have the metal zips for the Rice Sack Bag Revisited (blue tapes only) for £3.50 for the pair (20cm & 30cm) and a choice of fabrics (either the same or similar to the one I used) to go with the sashiko fabric.

Maybe you already know that Edinburgh Patchwork will be closing at the end of January 2019, when the lease expires.  They are going to have a closing down sale in January.  But for students attending my classes, there will be a 20% discount in store on the workshop days, in advance of the main closing sale.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Update on Edinburgh classes - 

Main course is cancelled but there will now be a 'reunion' session on 24th November, so I'm collecting names for that. Please bring any current sashiko projects you'd like help with, but I will also have a couple of 'new' patterns to show you. Reiko Domon has included some wonderful patterns by Hokusai in the new Yuza Sashiko book and I want to stitch some of those.

Rice Sack Bag class - places still available on this mini course. 15th December (to start the hitomezashi panels) and 5th January (machine sewing the bag). This is the handbag I usually use (in photo). The latest version is called the 'indestructible', as I've added a lot of little strenghtening pieces inside the bag (finally found a use for those sashiko cloth 1cm leftovers!)  It has an outer pocket and a little 'ticket pocket' detail too.

The remaining date (1st December) I'm going to suggest to Gerald and Alison that I run an 'Exploring Japanese Boro' workshop, with the option to start making one of the boro bags or a boro panel. Since I've got the workroom dates booked, I don't want to waste them.

All individual days and courses are £40 per day. I'll take the bag samples over to Edinburgh Patchwork next Saturday morning, so you can see them in the shop too. UPDATE - I've negotiated a special discount offer for all workshop participants on 24th November, 1st December and 15th December -  20% off marked prices across Edinburgh Patchwork's shop for those attending my classes! A great time to treat yourself for Christmas (on 5th January, the shop will be having their annual sale with even more discounts).

Some of the boro bags - first two mini ones are by Fiona Fitheridge -

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

New sashiko courses starting soon!

The next sashiko course in Stockton-on-Tees starts on Saturday 15th September, and the one in Edinburgh (now running as four Saturday and Sunday weekends) starts on 22nd September.  There's all the info links you need on my homepage

The photo above shows some of the quilts made by my students from Edinburgh - Lorraine, Sam, Jo and Pamela (Fiona's is just out of shot on the right) when they were exhibited with Yuza Sashiko Guild's work at their exhibition in Yamagata city in May. This is the second time student samplers have gone to Japan.  As well as this exhibition, student quilts have been shown as part of the World Shibori Symposium in Yamagata and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, so it is a chance to get your sashiko seen internationally.

I've been very busy over the last month, with Yuza Sashiko Guild members visiting the UK for the Great Northern Quilt Show and World Textile Day East.  I have photos and will post them as soon as possible, but I have so much to do this week, with the new classes starting and a book deadline coming up as well...

If you would like to join us for either class, I have a few places left for each one - contact details are on my website.

UPDATE - I have had to cancel the Edinburgh dates, as I had a couple of student cancellations, which means that the room rental would not be covered.  However, I am looking at running a 'reunion' session for former sashiko students (from any of my courses - Edinburgh, Perth, Kaleidoscope or Loch Lomond) at Edinburgh Patchwork instead, but I would need to know how many are likely to attend asap. This would be an informal session, with one to one help with any current sashiko projects you have, and I'd probably add a new pattern design for the group. It could be on 23rd September, 24th November or 1st December - all Saturdays - but I would need to know likely numbers (and take payment for the day) asap.