Thursday, 27 April 2017

Knitting and Stitching Show at Edinburgh

I'm at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Edinburgh today, Friday and Sunday, and Glyn and Fiona will be there with my fabrics on Saturday (when I'm teaching).  Stand C16.  I have lots of 'new' vintage goodies!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Departing Memories boro - making

A few photos showing work in progress on 'Departing Memories'.


It was a problem keeping it still for a reference photo!

Marking the bleached spiral.

City & Guilds exhibition at Balfron

We have had a great weekend at the City & Guilds exhibition at Balfron.  Our tutor Gillian Cooper organised it at the McLintock Hall in the centre of the village.  The room was very well lit, with plenty of space.  Our work was displayed on a zigzag of quilt frames up and down the room.  Despite a slightly later arrival than we had planned (we stopped to pick up a 1950s kitchen table in Perth) and then not spotting the entrance to the hall car park (!), it took less than three hours to get everything set up and looking OK.

My final piece, a boro noren curtain I've called 'Departing Memories', is almost finished.  I need to do a little more hand stitching, a bit more beaching (not so strong as the double spiral), and add the touches of gold stencilling and Brusho pigment speckles.  It will need blocking and the top adjusting so all the panels hang level.

The fabrics include my Dad's old shirts, a pair of linen trousers I had tie dyed a few years ago, and some hand dyed muslin scrims from Images of Egypt.  The old family photos, scanned from prints and 35mm slides, are cyanotype prints.

I got a digital picture frame to show photos of work in progress, inspirations etc.

Papers and fabrics dyed, printed, foiled and stencilled during the course.

More fabrics printed and dyed during the course, below another variation on Japanese Circles and Squares, including breakdown printed and thermofax prints.

On Saturday evening, we had a private view.  As both the Certificate and Diploma students were exhibiting in the same show, there were a lot of people there.  This is Mahri Prince's final project, all naturally dyed.

Sue Selwyn's Japanese art inspired tryptich.

Ellen Griffith's work has a lot of historical inspirations.  Loved the cushion!

Catherine Palmer explored the imagery of Pacific cultures.

Sue and Gillian.  We each had a very nice gift of a Wonderfil thread selection box to take home, plus a certificate (not our C&G one yet).

Sunday was really busy.  I have no idea how many visitors we had, but it felt like well over a hundred.  I managed to get a few more photos in quieter moments, but there weren't many of those.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

City & Guilds Diploma exhibition next Sunday

Our C & G Patchwork and Quilting exhibition is next Sunday!  Hence my lack of blog posts in the last week - I am working flat out to get my final project finished.  I won't have everything done for the exhibition, but at least this will be.

Friday, 7 April 2017

A weekend at the Prague Patchwork Meeting - the quilts - Part 1

There were so many interesting quilts at the Prague Patchwork Meeting last weekend, and I can only show you a few!  So I will write a second post about them later.  Innovative use of materials seems to be a common link between many of the quilts, and is both refreshing and inspiring.  These are just quilts that grabbed my attention - my personal favourites.

As usual, click on the photos to see them at a larger size.  I have included the labels with the maker's details.

The first selection of quilts are from Pia Welsch's exhibition.  I love the innovative ways Pia has used some of my fabrics in her quilts.  The orange 'marbled' silk is one of mine.

Her kimono shaped series are very interesting.

The grey and peach wave patterin silk in this quilt is one of mine.

Also the rainbow wool in this one.  Alas, all these fabrics were sold out a while ago!

There was an exhibition of quilts from South Korea.  These were exquisite in design and stitching, with lots of texture in the fabrics.

Fabulous machine quilting in this motif.

This quilt caught my attention when I saw it on Friday morning.  Incredible!

I made a short video clip, as it is impossible to capture the sparkle of hundreds of crystals in a photo.


Corrine Zambeek van Hassett uses a very interesting batik technique to dye the fabrics for her quilts, which she kindly explained to me.  Wow! She really knows how to use colour.  We indulged in some of her hand dyed fabrics too - very, very hard to choose just a few to bring home...

Some of the quilts from the SAQA exhibit.

This exhibition was displayed on artist's easels.

Another quilt from the Korean exhibition.

Simple construction but a wonderful use of colour and value.

More quilt photos soon!