Monday, 12 October 2015

North Country quilt design in Yorkshire

We are at The Royal, Bridlington, doing a North Country quilt design/marking course with Lilian Hedley and having a great time.  Lilian brought some of her vintage quilts to inspire us, as well as some of her own work and lots of templates and designs.

This is a detail of the lovely stitching on one of Lilian's own quilts (below) with the back of an early C20th quilt shown above.

This is the start of the feather circle for my version of the Sidmouth Quilt.  I'm also using it for the centre of my wholecloth.

Glyn is using the same feather and cable border for his wholecloth that is on the cover of Amy Emms' 'The Story of Durham Quilting' - there's an interview with Amy here.

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Liz said...

I really like that first pink quilt of Lilian's! Lovely to see all these quilts, hope that you all have a great week and manage to get your tops designed and marked out. That border is one of my favourites too Glyn!