Wednesday, 26 December 2007

"Japanese Sashiko Inspirations" - advance copy

Out of the blue, my advance copy arrived just in time for Christmas! I'm very happy with the overall design of the book - Cheryl, Beth, Martin and the team at David & Charles have done another stunning job. I'm sure you will find it an invaluable treasury of design inspirations. It will be available from my website from late February onwards. Like my first sashiko book, it is paperback and will be £15.99.

The other surprise was this - "The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook" in Chinese! So far I have only seen the cover. It is so exciting to see the book translated into such a widely spoken language. I've tried Google translating it and tried working out the meanings of the individual characters - the sense seems to be something like "feel the breeze of hand embroidery stab stitch". If you can translate Chinese, please give me a better translation!

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