Sunday, 27 January 2008

Exhibition getout

This afternoon, we took down the exhibition in approx. 3 hours, although we probably could have done it more quickly, there wasn't a rush in the end. Having had a chance to "breathe" outside of their storage boxes for over a month, the kimono took up more space to repack, so I'm glad I bought four more boxes yesterday! Reiko & Chie's uchikake didn't fit the standard underbed storage box I'd bought for it, so I will have to find a slightly larger one - the overall width of the kimono was too large, although the extra bulk with the embroidery would have fitted one box. The heavy padding around the uchikake hem means they have to be folded with the kimono body flat, without a fold along the centre back and without folding the overlap panels flat against the body. So the overall "yuki" (CB to wrist) measurement on this one must be more than on my other uchikake.

Jim seemed happy with the visitor numbers and we are talking about a follow up exhibition, maybe in 18 months' time!

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