Monday, 14 January 2008

"Kyoto Dreams" quilt finished

Finished and posted today!

There was a small glitch with the "binding" - I left the rest of the Kona bay "Tsuki no Hana - sakura" fabric at the gallery on Friday afternoon. So no binding fabric. Luckily the quilt is backed in the same fabric, so I did a wrapped edge, with the backing fabric brought over to the front and hemmed down. Hopefully the quilt qill still hang OK, but I prefer to use a double straight grain binding for wallhangings, as it keeps the edges nice and straight. I put an extra line of quilting just inside the "binding" on the two long edges, to try and head off any wrinkles.

Most of the hand quilting is just in the ditch (seamlines) so you don't see it. I didn't want to overdo the quilting on many areas (like the geisha's face). The ridges on the tatami mats worked out as planned and I had just enough time to add gladd beads to the centres of all the applique cherry blossoms plus a handful in the borders.

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