Monday, 7 January 2008

Sashiko, applique and a new projects

Predictably, today was much quieter at the exhibition than yesterday, so I was able to get on with a quilt project when there weren't any visitors about. I am finishing the applique on a small quilt called "Kyoto Dreams", for the "Land of the Rising Sun" Kona bay fabrics challenge at Grosvenor Exhibition's spring quilt shows. Deadline for delivery is next week, so not much time. Luckily, the set size is only 30in x 24in, so it isn't too big. I couldn't resist making a wallhanging for this themed competition, as I like using Kona Bay fabrics in many of my quilting projects. Many of the Kona Bay fabrics are large scale prints and, compared with some Japanese quilt fabric brands, they look quite bright, but there are plenty of more subtle fabrics, including tone-on-tone prints and even plains in their range. They also produced some excellent panels recently, including a selection from Utamaro ukiyo-e prints and some panels from kimono designers in Kyoto - beautiful quality prints. The large butterflies and "geisha" are broderie perse applique by hand (sorry for lack of accents on the words!) Minimum amount of Kona Bay fabric has to be 75%, so I am on target. My "other" fabric allowance is taken up with the ombre shaded pink/burgundy for the beams, shoji and fusuma frames and tracks, and the stripes for the tatami mats. The photo shows work in progress, with the first arrangement of butterfly and flower appliques - these have been changed slightly. I am planning to hand quilt it, although this might not be as dense as I would like. I really need 48 hours in the day.

I will be demonstrating sashiko at the Nantwich fabric sale at the Civic Hall, Nantwich, on Sunday, January 20th. Hopefully the new projects will be back from David & Charles in time for my display. I will have the new book for visitors to preview and will be giving away free postcards of the book cover. There's more event information here -

My other new projects, which I will only be hinting at for now, are new things on the book front... so keep checking the blog for updates from time to time! Suffice to say that bags are involved!

Kimono sewing demonstrations at Llangollen are going to include resewing a woman's wool hitoe (unlined) kimono as a man's, changing the sleeve details. I hope to post a photo of this when it is finished.

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