Thursday, 24 January 2008

Tiger haori etc.!

We did a little bit of kimono dressing, showing how to make an ohashori fold once again. The "obi" was improvised from a girl's heko obi (a soft obi) and an obi ita (obi stay) to give it some shape. One of our visitors made a great model - thanks!

One of our visitors brought an interesting man's haori with a dramatic tiger lining. Men's haori usually have dramatic linings, but this tiger was just stunning! The kamon (family crests) were unusual, as they had been appliqued over another set of crests - one had fallen off, revealing the original crest which had been partly dyed out. I've never seen crests changed this way. The lighter white crest (tachibana - citrus blossom) is the replacement.

The River Dee was lower than earlier in the week, but just as wild. I hope we don't have rain for tomorrow (get out day).

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