Friday, 11 January 2008

"Wrexham Leader" photo

Our local paper, The Wrexham Leader, included a good photo of one of my wedding kakeshita (above). This kimono was the first one I bought, at a kimono sale at Shimizuya department store, Sakata City, in Autumn 1991. It has dyed and stencilled clouds on silk rinzu damask fabric and the flower cart motifs are machine embroidered. The lining is synthetic. It is, of course, ex rental. I can remember selecting it from a great heap of kakeshita and uchikake heaped up on the temporary tatami mat floor laid down in Shimizuya's gallery space on the top floor. Most of the other garments had very bad snags in the embroidery or dye migrations. It was a choice between this one and another that had a pair of golden pheasants (?), but I chose this because I preferred the red background to the more orangey vermilion. It used to hang in the tokonuma alcove in my house in Yuza-machi.

We had lots of visitors today Dot Sherlock brought her "Quilters' Needs" travelling quilt shop today, and demonstrated machine patchwork. If you didn't catch Dot today, she will also be at the Nantwich fabric sale at the Civic Hall on Sunday 20th January, and at the Quiltfest Trading Day on Sunday 10th February. She is having a special sale on her Kona Bay fabrics, at 20% off in January. Perfect for some Japanese style quilts!

Gresford quilter Maureen Poole helped me cope with the rush!

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