Saturday, 31 May 2008

A tour of MY garden by Fluff

Welcome humans and felines! I'm Fluff, one of two moggies resident at Susan's (aka Chief Cat) house (the moggy other is my n'er do well son, Takenoko... ' nuff said!)

First, I'll hop down from my favourite perch and lead you up the garden path...

Going in through the top gate, this is the view back to the house. The tall shrub in the middle will be pruned after it flowers according to Chief Cat. It is one of my favourites, because its berries bring the blackbirds in winter - great for windowsill watching! There's a purple hazel at the front and a shrub with pink flowers (Takenoko likes to bite these off).

Next, the Japanese corner, with bamboo. Ooh look, Takenoko! Just kidding (it means "bamboo shoot" in Japanese). There are three miniature pines too.

The garden is full of columbines, in various shades of burgundy, purple, pink and blue... all from 3 original plants in pink, blue and burgundy. There are at least 6 colour variations now.

Purple and green are the main colours. The large hebe at the front left makes the purrrfect den for a hot day!

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