Thursday, 17 July 2008

Day four - window delayed

I found out yesterday that the window wouldn't be arriving till Friday a.m. It was ordered for Thursday afternoon and I'd hoped we could bring delivery forward. So we had a day to use up. We had planned to get on with the patio - building the wooden framing, leveling the rubble in it and adding a dry mix of sand and cement. However, Mount Zion showed its usual weather - rain and wind - so I suggested a trip to Plas Newydd, Llangollen, until the weather (hopefully) cleared. Of course, it wasn't raining there.

I'll write some more about this amazing and inspiring house in another post (with more pictures) but for now will say that Bernard was quite taken with the carvings in the house. Bladenburn might be getting a porch with a doorway based on this -
When we got back, the weather wasn't much better, so after finishing slotting in the damp proof strips down the sides of the window opening -
we called it a day with the last of the toasted muffins! After that, we had a quick trip out to see the Minera Lead Mines and Bersham Ironworks, via Minera.

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