Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Garage conversion started - for new workroom

We started work on the garage yesterday (more photos later) - it is going to become my new workroom, which will make loading and unloading the car for talks & workshops much easier, plus easier to get to the front door for the post, among other things (workspace will be 50% bigger, better lit etc.) This is being done under a building control notice, rather than planning permission, but there are still several necessary site inspections - those are turning into a bit of a headache, as I found out yesterday a.m. (i.e. on first site visit by Building Control inspector) that Wrexham Council staff are out on strike Wendesday and Friday - crucial days for our build.

My uncle Bernard has recently finished his barn conversion in North Yorkshire, a rather bigger project than this one!

Before we started, on Sunday.

We had a "farewell to the garage" dinner around the picnic table. Fluff invited herself!

First job - removing the garage door -

Guy released the tension on the door closure, so we could take it out with less risk.

Once the door was out, the frame came out with a little persuasion.

The garage door is going to be "recycled" locally, replacing a rusty garage door.

The lintel had a plastic fascia that was well stuck in place. Bernard & Dad chiseled it off.

Bernard marking up where to cut -

Stelsaw cutting the brickwork (for the damp proof course up sides of new window & brickwork) -

Taking up the tarmac -

Once the tarmac and hardcore base is up, Bernard is about to start digging for the foundations -

All sorts of stuff is coming up as we dig out for the foundations, including a few decent bits of stone that I'll use in the garden but also A LOT of site rubbish from the original build. All the waste is going under the patio area in the back garden.

The foundations are at least 3 blocks deep - I am hoping not much more to go, but we will find out today. Cats are confined to house - I don't want them exploring underneath it!

All fastened up for the night!

Got to go and start on today's work. Hope all works out OK re the site inspections!


AudreyS said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am sure it will be a big success! If it is any consolation my garage is just as packed as yours was.
Fluff looks so comfortable in the basket made for one,that photo brough a smile to my face.
Good luck with the conversion

Susan Briscoe said...

Thanks! I'll keep posting photos of progress.