Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hop Hoodening at Canterbury

Last weekend I was in Kent for a few days - for the quilt show at Hever on Friday, then in Canterbury for the Hop Hoodening on Saturday (a kind of harvest festival for hops).

My cousin Brian is now Square of the Morris Ring, so here he is in front of the quilt he commissioned for his early retirement - and a pic of the quilt centre on its own -

Brian's kit is Hartley Morris (based around Tonbridge, Kent). The Squire's badge & staff are those of the Ring. You can see him dancing in here.

Carol (left) was dancing with Kettle Bridge Clogs (Northwest Morris) at Canterbury. Everyone had hops on their hats or as a necklace.

Offcumduns north west morris danced in the cathedral before all the sides danced in the cathedral grounds and around the city.

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