Thursday, 25 September 2008

Pictures from Denman College!

This is the start of the third day of the Denman Diamond celebrations - here are pics of some of the amazing floral displays around the grounds of the college. We have had 1500+ visitors through in the last 2 days. So there is quite a buzz here!

Scattered throughout the photos below are some pics of my newest sashiko panel in progress - I'll be taking more photos of it day by day.

For more info about the event, click here. Tickets are available "on the door" too. Maybe see you here?


riya said...

I liked your blog. The small flower gardens are indeed a beauty to look at.


Deejay Ashwin DXD said...

I like your pictures of Denman Diamond celebrations. These all are really beautiful]


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. thanks for showing the different floral displays held id Denman Diamond Celebrations..Really the photos are nice