Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Almost ready for Malvern's autumn quilt show!

I spent today packing up kits for the new bags, workshops etc. and cutting 50cm pieces from the new cotton tsumugi stripes. Almost done! Now need to round up the cotton yukata print craft packs which will be one of my special deals - £16 for 5 metres (39cm wide) yukata prints. There hasn't been enough time to complete the small off centre Log Cabin quilt I've been making with these, so I'll just have to pack a single block. I also want to cut some more of the gold brocade pieces - if I have time...

The main quilt on the display will be "Masu". I have a pattern for this and a selection of Japanese wool and silk kimono fabrics, which gave the original a lovely subtle sheen and texture.

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