Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Another costume clear out!

Time for some more costumes to go, on eBay. This one is based on late eighteenth century gowns. I wore it to the rag ball at uni in 1987 - one of a set of three (the others were made for friends in black with purple and the third in the same rayon damask fabric sea green and burgundy). We had little gold half masks made over plaster life masks (full face casts) that stayed on without fastenings, they were such a tight fit. The fabrics are synthetic blends, with plenty of lamé sparkle - I wasn't going for authenticity with this outfit! The photo above shows me wearing it in 1989 or thereabouts, at the castle in Aberystwyth.

This was the last costume I made where the corset is built into the bodice. All my Victorian costumes have very little boning, as they are worn over heavy corsets, and it means I don't have to sandwich the boning & stiffening between the lining & outer fabric.

It is quite a tiny dress - even the sleeves are very narrow.

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