Sunday, 5 October 2008

Autumn kimono themes

If I had any time for kimono sewing, I'd like to be working on these -

First, altering this tsumugi komon so it will fit better. The design is maple leaves.
This nagoya obi would go with it nicely - tsuzure ori (tapestry weave) -

But I also have this plain(ish) tsumugi obi bolt. It has several white mould marks (tiny) that won't come out, so I wanted to do something to disguise them - applique or similar. Perhaps with a slightly Art Deco deer motif? I'm hankering after a bright green obijime & obiage for this, to pick out the vivid green in the kimono design - almost an emerald green, not a colour I've got (most of the obijime and obiage I bought when I lived in Japan are mid pink!)

There's also this tsukesage (semi formal kimono) bolt I bought a few years ago. I didn't have a suitable hakkake (lining) until recently.

This nagoya obi would be about the right level of formality to go with it. I like the idea that the falling maple leaves on the tsukesage have left the obi trees bare!

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