Monday, 13 October 2008

Bristol on Sunday

After the quilting workshop at Thornbury, I stayed in Bristol at my cousin Richard's place, so I didn't have a long drive home on Saturday night. Sunday morning, we went out in the car he built, a Fisher Fury - these are photos of the car taken last year, when it was nearly finished.

It's the first time I've been a passenger in a car like this - everything from the snug bucket seats to the seat belts being different from what I'm used to in a car. Feeling a bit precarious because I couldn't get the seat belt to fit quite right, Richard drove out along this route - click video link.

I am very impressed that Richard built this car - in a slightly different league from making a quilt LOL!

I haven't been out and about in Bristol since 1990 and remembered the docks area just starting to be redeveloped, so the way it looks now is so different. The colours of the houses above the harbour area caught my eye.

The replica of "The Matthew" (right) and the masts of the "Great Britain" beyond -

A water feature at the start of the quayside - the fountain steps are hypnotic, the water falling randomly and changing every second.

A lot of things have changed, while others remain. The day was perfect, more like summer than summer has been this year!

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