Thursday, 16 October 2008

Renaissance Faces at the National Gallery - this looks interesting!

You can see this exhibition until January 18th 2009. I would like to!

Click here for the link to the National Gallery.

Renaissance portraiture was something we studied in my university art history courses. There was also an interesting homework project in the first year - a self portrait in the style of an existing portrait. We had to make a copy of the original as part of the exercise. Not wanting to have to spend too long on a painting, most of us chose a sketch - this is my version of a portrait by Raphael -

Here is a link to the original.

It is considered to be a self portrait, it is inscribed "Ritratto di se medessimo quando Giovane ("Portrait of himself when young")"

No tracing or other transferring from the source material was allowed, of course. My copy has a slightly different expression

This is my self portrait, in the same style - I think I should have added a hat!

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