Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Work in progress with African fabrics

Starting with an "Adventure Pack" of batiks from The African Fabric Shop -

of nine batiks -
and adding five more fabrics plus a half metre for the border (right), bringing in a bit more of the vibrant greens -
Add about seven hours cutting, machining & pressing and this is where I'm at now - with 84 finished random blocks, about to become a new quilt top.

I prewashed the batiks in two batches - greens and reds. The green colour catcher went deep indigo and the red one went rich red brown, so quite a bit of dye comes out. Washing removes the ultra crisp starchy finish too, so it is necessary to starch all the fabrics before cutting out. These fabrics go very soft when washed, so the finished quilt will be lovely to touch.

I "see" this as a green quilt...

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