Saturday, 29 November 2008

Main website updates coming soon!

My website will be having some alterations in the next few weeks, to make room for information about the two new books to be published early in 2009, "Compendium of Quilting Techniques" and "Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags".

"Compendium..." is essentially everything I used to cover on my Monday patchwork classes as a companion to your quilting life.

"Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags" is just what it says - a brand new selection of bags made from fat quarters.

There are some new kits and new workshops listed too.

I will also be adding the long-awaited fabric pages! I sell vintage Japanese kimono fabrics at some of the quilt shows I attend, choosing fabrics that have interesting textures and fibres, so they can be used successfully for non-Japanese quilting projects too. All these fabrics are traditional narrow width for making kimono - approx. 14 - 14 1/2in wide. These will cover several categories - see sample photos below -

Cotton for yukata (summer casual kimono) includes traditional stencilled cotton (1 metre i.e. one pattern repeat minimum cut) -

stencilled cotton in modern colours (1 metre i.e. one pattern repeat minimum cut) -
modern "cute" printed yukata cotton -

men's yukata cotton with geometric patterns.

Shijira is a crinkly cotton also used for summer kimono, produced on Shikkoku, Japan's smaller middle island. I have stripes and checks and will also be listing recycled shijira cotton packs.

Cotton tsumugi is the kind of fabric that was once used for work clothes. I have lots of different stripes.

Wool kasuri has funky retro patterns woven after the threads are dyed.

Wool and silk blends -

Wool prints -
Silk tsumugi -

plus various silk chirimen (crepe), rinzu (damask) etc. Too many to list here, so check the website soon!

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