Friday, 7 November 2008

Malvern photos!

At last - though I forgot to take a photo of the demo stand (again).

Heather, from Severn Valley Quilters, had finished her quilt top from the "Japanese Circles and Squares" workshop earlier in October and brought it so she could shop for a border. I heard from one of her friends later that she'd found something that was just right, but didn't get to see it myself. I liked the dragonflies in the circles.

The quilts from "Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match" were hanging straighter than they did at Harrogate - they've had a bit more time to relax and let the creases come out! I must find time to add more quilting to the Taisho sampler (on the left below) when it returns. It is only quilted in the ditch around the blocks, plus two lines in the border. I just ran out of time on that. I put the binding on a tiny bit too tight so, hopefully, by the time it has about 80% more quilting added, it will all be flat and perfect. Even the Kamon sampler could do with a bit more in the border (below right).
It isn't the only one that needs more quilting IMHO - the Takarazukushi (treasures collection) applique sampler needs more in the border, background and blocks... and so does "Irori" (on the right below).
I'd like to revisit the Yosegi sampler (above left) and add more to that... I like quilts that have plenty of quilting on them, but I don't usually have enough time to handquilt them as much as I would like!

Two of my favourite quilts were by another of the featured quilters for the autumn shows, Lee Brown. Some of her earliest quilts caught my eye for their amazing fabrics and their colourwash effect on a large scale. When I e mailed Lee to ask permission to post the photos, she said she had loads more of those fabrics in her stash - I know the feeling. As I've been clearing out the old workroom, I keep finding bits of fabrics I used in other quilts. The strange thing is that you nearly always know exactly which quilt, even when you have made dozens!

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