Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Envelope Bag - revisited - and Denman Kannon update.

Sometimes I remake my favourite bags from my bag books. This version of the envelope bag was finished as a Christmas present -

The original is in "21 Terrific Patchwork Bags", my first bag book. There are minor differences - I didn't have the same Japanese gold print fabrics, so I used some that were as similar as possible, and the cord in plain (the original was a beige & eau de nil green spiral braid). The new version has a lovely ornate gold tone button. I wish I'd had those for the original!

Work is progressing on the Denman Kannon. I have completed the leaves and the fish outlines, the face of the goddess and started on the halo. I used a single strand fine sashiko thread and stem stitch for the face, as running stitch would look to bitty at this scale IMHO.

I am using the various shades of cream, antique white and brilliant white produced by different sashiko thread manufacturers, to create a glow effect for the halo, starting with Olympus mediume white (from the 40metre skein range) on the outside and working inwards to Olympus cream 100 metres. I ought to check the 40 metre cream too. In between, there are threads from Kinkame and Yokota. The colour difference doesn't really show in flash photos, so I'll try to take a better photo once I've completed the sections between the halo rings. It is my "travelling" project at the moment.


Jackie said...

Beautiful Envelop Bag, I wish I can make one like this...maybe not in this life time...:o

Happy New Year!

Jackie said...

Just realise who you are,...am very very very glad that I've found you (bookmark your sites)....

All the best!!!