Sunday, 21 December 2008

Solstice and other seasonal things

We went to Bob and Denise's annual solstice party, where we watched Clerical Error, a border morris side, performing their mummers' play. I'll try to find out where they are playing this Christmas season and post the info here. The top photo is by Matt Adams.

Denise leads the call to the sun to return & the toast, with a sparkler -

Megan clears the way with "her" broom (careful not to melt it in in the bonfire!) -

Bold Gareth (left) is attacked by the dragon (right) in the mummers' play -

Sir John of the Thumbs about to kill the dragon -

Dragon slaying too gory to post pictures . North Wales is saved from the dragon!

I finished my new outfit in time but didn't get a photo of it last night. Photos to come later!

On Boxing Day, I'll be at Willaston for this -

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