Saturday, 31 January 2009

Age of Experience exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre

I went to the private view for this exhibition last night. Put it on your calendar! I wanted to see it when I heard that several of my favourite craftspeople were included. Here's a list of useful links -

to the exhibition and Ruthin Crafts Centre general information

Fred Baier - check out his manifesto

Svend Bayer - if you like Japanese Bizen ceramics, you will probably like his work too

Gordon Baldwin - three of his atmospheric ceramic vessels are the first things when you enter the main gallery

Richard La Trobe-Bateman - one of his bridges is in the second gallery, a truss bridge similar to this. The first time I saw his work was in 1982, when I was the life model for the A-level art exam. Our tutor had one of these high back dining chairs. It was amazingly comfortable to sit on for 3 hours!

Caroline Broadhead

Peter Collingwood - I can't find any photos online showing similar work to the pieces on display except this. He died in October 2008. The work in the exhibition shows an intreiguing manipulation of the warp, held in position with thin metal bars. It looks superficially a bit like sprang netting but it is woven, not twisted. He called them macrogauzes.

David Drew"s willow trugs were some of the most desirable (and affordable) "take me home" pieces, so I'd be surprised if there are any left for sale soon! I've tried to find some links but nothing much is coming up in Google (why do other people like MPs and fiction authors have to share the names of someone you are Googling?!) He is part of the Coopérative Vannerie de Villaines-les-Rochers (hopefully that link will give you the English translation of their site.

Elizabeth Fritsch - her ceramics have an almost velvety texture in real life, something I hadn't realised from only seeing photos.

Walter Keeler - my favourite pots are always going to be his salt glazed jugs but the ink-glazed teapots in a group of three are very desirable (one was sold last night). There are some other ink and salt glazed pieces for sale in the gallery shop, so you get double the work on view.

Annette Meech
- large glass bowls are displayed - see some similar pieces here - and
Christopher Williams . Together they are Glasshouse de Sivignon.

Mary Restieaux - ikat weaving. Panels are displayed in the exhibition simply framed against handmade paper, in a narrow black frame. The idea would work well for my vintage kimono fabrics... More work here and here (scroll down second post).

Michael Rowe

Richard Slee

David Watkins

Have fun exploring the links!

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