Monday, 5 January 2009

The White Star Plough Tour 2009

I was in west Kent last weekend for the Plough Tour, hosted by White Star Sword. We started at the George & Dragon in Speldhurst (fireplace above, with a sprig of holly on the fire) on Saturday morning. White Star dancing rapper sword, led by Brian -

North British danced longsword at the George & Dragon -

Clog dancing at the George & Dragon (sorry Anna, no better photos) -

Other entertainments on the tour included the Udimore Handbell Ringers (no photo) and West Pec, the Hooden Horse (read about the tradition here) - first photo is at the Chafford Arms, the second pub on the tour -
Second photo taken at The Rock (? did I get the right name?) -

A 3-man mummers' play -

Nick tumbling at the same pub -

Malcolm as White Star's Tommy -

The fourth pub on the main tour was the Fountain, then the two sword teams left for a second tour of other pubs, including the Kent Horse (?), the Castle Inn at Chiddingstone, the Little Brown Jug at Chiddingstone Causeway and the Leicester Arms at Penshurst. If I have got the names of any pubs wrong, please let me know. Here are North British dancing rapper at the Castle Inn -

On Sunday morning, we went to the Beeches (? can't find a website ref, so have I got the name wrong?), Tunbridge Wells - North British dancing Elgin (end of dance) -

Then via the Oak in Rusthall to the Red Lion, Rusthall. North British demonstrate how to dance longsword under a very low beam...

Both North British and White Star danced rapper in Malcolm's dining room later on - where half the Christmas decorations were removed by the end of the dancing... Rapper can be performed in a very small space.

Many thanks to all our hosts - we had a great weekend.

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