Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Exeter Spring Quilt Festival

I'm repacking the car today and deciding what I'm taking to Exeter. I think I'll go geometric with the quilts - with "Irori" (above - there's a pattern for this), the Kasuri sampler (see last but one post) and "Roman Perdu", a quilt which is featured in "Compendium of Quilting Techniques" (although it doesn't include the pattern). "Roman Perdu" was in Popular Patchwork magazine quite a few years ago, so I probably ought to add it to my pattern selection in the near future. It is a great design for loads of plaids plus some crazy novelty fabrics. Sorry the photo looks a bit dull - I scanned it from the magazine. The photo in the book is much brighter and sharper!

There are extra fabric colour choices for the sashiko workshop too, with brick red, burgundy and blues added.

But the bags from "Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags" arrived home today... I'll see if I can fit a few in, although the book won't be out until next month.

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