Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Internet mayhem & computer problems.. & home from Exeter!

Back from Exeter, where the show was great. However, computer at home is not so great. I am getting an error message every time I try to boot up, so the laptop is going to be in for repairs for a couple of days. In the meantime, I'm at Brymbo Enterprise Centre's internet cafe - good thing it is just down the road!

I first spotted a problem on Wendesday morning, when I was trying to upload a better photo & update the previous blog entry. Despite the wireless modem being on, OK and detected by the computer, I couldn't get online at all. No time to sort it out before I went away for the Exeter quilt show.

Exeter was great fun - lots of interest in books, with the new "Compendium of Quilting Techniques" on sale and an advance copy of "Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags" for browsing. I went to David & Charles HQ at Newton Abbot on Thursday morning before returning to Exeter to set up early in the afternoon and collected the book. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the main bulk order just might arrive in time for the show at Trentham Gardens on the first weekend in April. The main stock comes by sea but the advance copies are sent by air.

No time for more writing right now - got to check the eBay pages and sort out any orders.

EDIT - now I'm back online at home, here's a photo of the stand at the Exeter show - Charlotte is wearing her "new" vintage shibori haori.

This lovely bag was made by one of our visitors, using the satchel pattern in "21 Terrific Patchwork Bags".

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