Monday, 6 April 2009

Bags by Lis

I met Lis B again on Saturday, when she bought one of the first copies of "Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags". Although she didn't get the very first copy sold (which was on Friday morning), she has probably made the first reader's version of one of the bags. This is her version of the Typo Satchel - there's a small photo of the original above (heavily cropped, so there isn't much detail in the photo). It's name refers to the "typewriter keyboard" I created on the flap of the first bag (top left), using typewriter key brads sold for scrapbooking. Wanting to have an offset squares background to make a realistic key arrangement dictated the kind of patchwork design I needed, so I devised this very random looking layout using Seminole patchwork principles. For my second one (top right), I used an assortment of wooden buttons I'd been collecting.

Lis has used D-rings for the straps and a magnetic catch, rather than the buckles I used, and gone for a summery blue colourway. I can't believe how quickly she's made it - she must have gone home and got cracking straight away!

I've already posted photos of some of her other bags, including the Satchel from "21 Terrific Patchwork Bags" (below) - here's Lis holding the book open at the relevant page, and with the new book of course -

a colour & print variation of the satchel -

- and different designs for the flaps -

This is the Quilter's Briefcase -

Lis kindly sent me the photos above of her bag creations adapted from my designs. I love seeing my designs used as a creative starting point. After all, every bag can be unique and with so many fabrics and notions to choose from, it is fun to see how different they all look. So much better than having the same ready-made bag as the next person...

Thanks very much Lis! I'm looking forward to seeing some more bags from the new book soon!

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