Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Another quilt from Malvern - "Dutch Delight"

This beautiful quilt (which was made with Den Haan & Wagenmaker's repro Chintz fabrics) was one of the few quilts that I had a chance to photograph. It immediately grabbed my attention in the Theme category, "Stars & Stripes". The way the stars have been meticulously arranged to get the maximum effect from the chintz is subtle and the quilt has so much vintage charm. When I checked it out in the catalogue after coming home, I discovered it was made by Maureen Crawford, a very well known quilter in our area. So congratulations to Maureen for winning a Judges Merit rosette too! As usual, she makes it sound so easy - here's the Catalogue entry for "Dutch Delight" T21 -

Reproduction Dutch chintz border fabric (which is used in the border of this quilt) was all it took to make the stars and sashing. Some fussing cutting was involved.

If I'd been judging, this is the quilt I'd have chosen for my Judge's Choice award. I've seen Den Haan & Wagenmaker fabrics at Festival of Quilts and they have a very unique style. However, Maureen acquired them in a more interesting way. She sent me the following info -

It was indeed Den Haan and Wagenmakers fabric. John and I were in Amsterdam late October when we stumbled across the 2 shops, side by each. I went into the Dutch one and saw what was happening, and then into the other Dutch/worldwide shop. I realized that I could buy the fabric from the Dutch worldwide shop anywhere, but could only buy from the reproduction place just once. Thus, I bought the fabric knowing sort of what to do with it, (whack and stack) but no other instructions. When actually starting the project, I looked, and no instructions of any kind. I started a block, figuring how I would do a block myself, and hence, did set in seams throughout! Finally, I emailed the firm and mentioned that I did not have a pattern for the project. They emailed me back a "pattern". The first page was in French, and the second page was in Dutch, with no picture or measurements. I sort of worked it out and then after a couple of days, turned over the french bit of the pattern and saw a picture and pattern of the block, 'cept it was in centimetres!! then the sashing had to be fussy cut and cussy pieced, (in the right direction) but there was nothing to say that the border "needed adjustment to fit" . It was only after enlarging the photo as much as I could on the internet, then using a magnifying glass on the screen I realized that the border was jigged in the middle! Anyway, I got there in the end, and thoroughly enjoyed makng the quilt. It was indeed a challenge, and I love a challenge.

I loved making the quilt, but now we move on to the next and the next, so no accolades - just keep going!!

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