Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Getting ready for Quilts UK, Malvern

I was woken up by Parcelforce early this morning - my yukata cotton pieces have arrived from Japan, just in time for the quilt show at Malvern! So as well as the fantastic new silks that came in March, a selection of wearable wool kimono & silk haori, my new books ("Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags" and "Compendium of Quilting Techniqes"), I will also have a box of these lovely stencil dyed cottons. The size of them varies as they are yukata sample pieces and, like the recycled Japanese cottons (perfect for a vintage sashiko look), I'll be selling them by weight. Most are one offs, so be sure to check them out early. I'll have a new set of the "99 Treasures" 4in squares packs too.

I drove down to Malvern yesterday, with my quilts and a couple of friends' entries. I got "Butterfly Dance" finished, but I was sewing on the hanging sleeve yesterday morning...

More info about Quilts UK is available at http://www.grosvenorexhibitions.co.uk - just click the link to go straight to the page with the Quilts UK info.

See you in the marquee!

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