Thursday, 25 June 2009

Pink Paradise Birdsong

In the last year or so, I have noticed more and more retro style in the fabric/quilt world. It is probably time to revisit one of my small wallhangings, "Pink Paradise Birdsong". I finished it in 2005, although it had been on the go for about a year, longer if I go back to my original sketches - I seem to have started out on this project c. 2002. At the time, I wanted to do a book of retro quilt designs, but my editor wasn't convinced that the style would last...

It won the Art Quilt award and the Computer Aided Design award at the Great Northern Quilt Show in 2005, and was subsequently shown at Quiltfest in February 2006 and at the quilt show in Yuza-machi, Japan, in July 2006. I also included it in the "Inspiration Gallery" in "Japanese Sashiko Inspirations", to show how sashiko can be used for non-Japanese themed pieces.


Yvonne Morgan said...

I love the leaves made of music fabric! Cute

Esther said...

Beautiful wallhanging.
Love the birds.