Monday, 29 June 2009

Postcard nostalgia

A postcard of Dovecote Street, Stockton-on-Tees, from the High Street - c. 1960? No, it's a bit later - I've spotted a mini outside of Collingwoods on the far right*. I love the array of parked cars at the front of this card! More or less as I remember it from when I was little. It is now pedestrianised and you can't park on the High Street either. I'll take a photo to compare with this next time I visit.

I am planning a project for vintage postcards for sometime next year, although I am going to use cards from the Japan British Exhibition (1910), held at White City, London. The juxtaposition of the Japanese gardens and buildings with the slightly surreal Asian architecture of the White City, the terrifying fairground rides (like the Flip Flap, the V-shaped contraption in the background of the second card) and the hordes of Edwardian visitors in their best holiday outfits creates an interesting effect. Wouldn't it be interesting to travel back in time to see it?

*UPDATE - I did an image search for the Dovecote Street postcard and found it on the Frith Collection website (it is a Frith card). The site dates it c.1965. So about the same age as me!

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