Thursday, 23 July 2009

Denman Kannon - Thursday

Not much worthy of a photo today (will add them tomorrow). I finished the sugizashi section (see the last Kannon post) and stitched a lot of the foundation rows for the bottom half of the border. By using similar patterns in diagonally opposite corners, the border will have a semi-symmetry. The bottom right border will have the double version of kakinohanazashi, achieved by a different sequence of alternate and double rows, while the bottom left corner will have dantsunagi - if there is enough time, I'll add extra diagonal stitches for yabane, which I didn't do at the top right. I've taken photos of the foundation rows, but these will make more sense when you can compare them with the finished stitch pattern, so I'll hold pics till tomorrow.

If you are interested in these hitomezashi patterns, they are included in "The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook", which has a large section on hitomezashi designs.

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Unknown said...

Hi Susan,

I love the work you do! Can't wait to see the finished produce. Did you get the email I sent to you at the weekend re books?

Sally In Hobart