Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Festival of Quilts - more photos!

Here's me on the stand at the Festival, after we had taken down the kimono rail on Saturday morning. The quilt behind me is "Irori" ("hearth") and the orange and green one to my right is a new design made with Japanese wool kimono fabrics - pattern coming soon!

The stand with the kimono rail on the right -

There were so few kimono left by Saturday morning, I decided to move the cotton yukata fabrics onto a smaller table, replacing the rail instead. These fabrics have stunning, bold designs but often seem to be overlooked in favour of the silks. Draping them over the table showed off the patterns better than on the roll.

This is the view from behind the table! Click the photo to see the panorama larger size (easy to paste up a panorama like this using Microsoft Photo Editor).

If you were reading my blog back in April 2009, you might have seen this version of the Typo Satchel from "Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags". Now it has different buttons. And a matching Book Bag (also from the same book).

This impressive version of the Zipover Rucksack from "21 Terrific Patchwork Bag" was made by recycling a leather skirt for the back and sides of the bag, with the mountain panel very similar to my original one.

The Strippy Handbag from "Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags" looking like a twin of the original one! The quilter who made it explained that she had the same fabric already in her stash. As those African batik fat quarters are slightly wider than normal quilting fabrics, she had cleverly managed to squeeze the whole bag out of just one fat quarter!

The Quilters' Guild had a fundraising tombola stall with their "Little Gems" - A4 sized quiltlets. I only had one go and I didn't win one! I heard they were very busy and have raised a substantial fund for the Guild. I wonder if they will do it again next year?

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