Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Landscape on Kimono - BBC interview link

Alys sent me the link today - etc.

Looking out my two polyester ro juban bolts, I remembered I bought a two piece juban in ro last year, ready made. I looked it out and checked the sleeve length & body width against the hemp kimono - sleeves are slightly short but the shoulder width is the same. I bought it with the idea of being able to use the skirt part with a sleeveless han juban, with the collar on that and a pair of juban sleeves tacked into the kimono sleeves (a good idea one of my Japanese friends gave me years ago). I could even go with a hadajuban (juban undershirt) plus a kantan haneri (easy half collar, which gives the impression of the juban).

Today we had several visitors who had seen some info re the exhibition in the newspaper. I took another kimono bolt to start cutting out but didn't get anything done with it! I can start on it tomorrow. I have a reasonable match in blue silk thread for this. I don't have a good thread match for the furisode I took yesterday, so I might not start on that. The only thread I could use is black, which then means I would have to get more black thread for my other black kimono backlog...

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