Sunday, 30 August 2009

Stuck on You Designs

My cousin Anne has just launched a website for her decoupage work - Stuck on You Designs.

The site opens with a floral animation, so be patient if you are on a slow internet connection! There are lots of photos (with details) of her work - have fun browsing.

"You can visit me at my stall which is held at the Pantiles Craft Market in the historic Pantiles area of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

"The Pantiles Craft Market is held on the first and third Sunday of each month, all year round. When weather conditions are exceptional the market is held inside the Corn Exchange which is located on the lower walk of the Pantiles.

"In addition to the Sunday markets there are craft fairs being held to coincide with the farmers markets which are held on the first and thrid Saturday of each month. This arrangement will begin on the 19th September.

"You may wish to contact me a day or two in advance to confirm that I will be holding a stall on the day you wish to come."

Decoupage is one of those things I have never got around to doing, although I love the effect and have hoarded quite a lot of paper, cutouts etc. over the years. Unlike my house, which is just full of work stuff (!), Anne's always has a loads of style.

I'll check with her re posting some photos directly here.

"I come from a very artistic family...." (that's an in joke between my mum & me!)

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Thank You Sue!
Check your e mail, but I wanted to send you a big public thank you, and a big public hug for adding me onto your blog.
Finally, I would also like to say what a privelege it actually is to come from such an artistic family!