Sunday, 20 September 2009

Essex, Cambridge, Sutton Hoo & more

I got home from a week long teaching and speaking session late last night, so there is a lot of catching up to do today before I go over to teach in Denmark next week. Photos later, but info on two exhibitions first.

If you want to see some wonderful quilts, plus masses of design inspiration in the main exhibition hall, visit Sutton Hoo. Should inspiration for a new project strike, Quilters Haven is only a short drive away.

Wed 16th September – Sun 4th October, 12.00 – 4.00pm
Quilt Exhibition – Spirit of Discovery
Marvel at beautiful quilts celebrating the spirit of Discovery, created by members of the Quilters Guild and local quilt makers.
Quilt Show £3, (NT members £1). Not Mon and Tue

Visiting Cambridge after speaking for Cambridge Quilters on Friday morning, I spotted an exhibition by Reg Cartwright at Cambridge Contemporary Art (I was just walking down the street by chance!)
19 Sep 2009 - 11 Oct 2009
Cambridge Contemporary Art is delighted to be hosting this major exhibition of Reg Cartwight's new work.

Working primarily in still life, Cartwright continues in the tradition of British Modernism drawing from his influences in Ben Nicholson, William Scott, et al. Cartwright shows how by paring down everyday objects like fruit, jugs, plates, spoons, fish and landscape one can achieve an effect of startling simplicity and beauty, where colour, form and composition come together in harmony and intensity. By constantly reworking this theme he has found refreshing ways of interpreting inanimate everyday objects and his paintings have become renowned as an integral part of modern interior design. Reg Cartwright was born in 1938 in Leicestershire where he lives and works. In 1974 he became a full-time painter and illustrator after thirteen years as a successful commercial artist and art director.
Click here for some pictures from the exhibition & other pictures. His still lifes remind me of some of Mary Fedden's work, although she is of the earlier generation of British Modernists.

Some pictures from Cambridge - John Taylor's "Chronophage" at Corpus Christi mesmerises pedestrians - more here -

A useful 3-D map of the city, near Kings -

Kings panorama -

There must be millions of images of Cambridge on the internet, so I only posted a handful here!

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