Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Yuza-machi panorama - video and composite photo

I found this on youtube while trying to find a clip of a festival in Yuza-machi (the town where I used to live in Japan). Have fun watching a walk among the rice fields into town, one I've done a few times.

By taking screen shots of the video at low res, I made this composite image (will do a better one with full screen views when I get time). I tried to take a photo sequence like this last time I was there, but clouds and rain didn't oblige.


magsramsay said...

More like the speed of a cycle ride I'd say and can't you hear them pedalling!!

Like the jaggy edges of the composite image - reminds me that I have 'photostitch' option on my camera.

Great to actually see Mt Chokai!

Susan Briscoe said...

I'll switch the sound on next time...!