Monday, 14 December 2009

Sheena Norquay's website

I've admired Sheena Norquay's work for a long time - one of the few quilts I own made by another quilter is the little piece she donated to the Quilters' Guild's fundraising quilt sale (in 2003?), which is a smaller version of the ninepatch she made for the Guild's exhibition "Transforming Traditions (must have been about 2002!). The "Transforming Traditions" piece was my favourite out of that whole show, one of the exhibitions held at Dean Clough before the Guild moved to York and the new Quilt Museum. The quilt from the website, "Silver Circles" (photo above), is similar in design.

The last time she came to Chester Ps & Qs, Sheena's talk on "Shapes, Grids and Marks in Free Machine Quilting" was very inspirational. I've heard her lectures on several occasions and they are some of the most interesting I've attended.

Enjoy browsing Sheena's website! She sent me the new website link today. There are several galleries, and all the quilt photos can be left clicked for large size images, so you can see her work in greater detail - smaller photos don't really do justice to the originality of the machine quilting.

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