Sunday, 3 January 2010

Creative knitting

Having tracked down the 80cm circular 3mm Clover Takumi bamboo knitting needles via the (highly recommended!) ForestFibres eBay shop, I got on with more of my asymmetric tunic top with the shaded 2ply (4ply equivalent) from Kauni, bought on my trip to Denmark last autumn. Like a lot of my recent knitting, it is more a method than a pattern!

Start by knitting a garter stitch band, about 1 1/2in wide. Once it is large enough for the armhole (worked out by looping it around the top of my arm), I picked up stitches from the beginning and knitted garter stitch, until the strip was long enough for the right side of the tunic. Then I picked up on stitch per garter stitch ridge all the way along the side.

I am knitting the right side of the body in stocking stitch, with a double moss stitch "hem" section at each end (20 stitches). I'll continue knitting like this until I'm about 40% of the way across the body, then I'm going to change to garter stitch and start shaping the left side up to the armhole. I've only got 400g (my suitcase was so full of sashiko samples on that trip), so it looks like having quite short sleeves - elbow length at most.

The shading effect is all in the yarn!

These yarns are very similar.

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