Monday, 25 January 2010

Javhlan's kimono quilt

This lovely quilt featuring the kimono blocks from "Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match" was made in Portugal by Javhlan Byamba. She writes -

Some years ago I bought your book on Japanese quilts. I was very happy to start making some kimono blocks. If you have time please do check my blog.

I am not an experienced quilter but I made a big kimono-shaped quilt for my husband.

If you visit her blog, you can see detail photos of the individual kimono blocks. The way she has carefully selected a wide variety of Japanese prints and used them in the kimono blocks, cutting the pieces to show off the fabric really beautifully, is quite stunning.

I spotted that we have similar tastes for our kimono block fabrics too - there are three bocks using a Hoffman oriental print with a fantastic cloud pattern (first one is on the far left on the second row) and the Kona Bay fabric she used for the block in the middle of the top row, featuring the crane, is one I used for the garden section in my "Butterfly Dance" quilt.

Thanks for sharing the photos!

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Anonymous said...

What a stunning quilt! I love the choice of fabric, the overall look is very lovely.