Monday, 25 January 2010

More photos from Nantwich

Carol sent me some more photos from Nantwich. I'm glad she had her new camera with her! Here I'm demoing making the miniature hinagata kimono.

She also took some extra photos of the quilts. These are higher resolution, so please be patient if they slow down the blog loading, but if you click on them, you can see much more detail in the quilts. The photo of "Kyoto Dreams", the small wallhanging with the Utamaro geisha and Japanese room, has lots of detail in the photo. You can almost see the individual beads in the centres of the cherry blossoms.

As well as quilts, I used the "anti trip" chairs (covering the quilt stand legs) as a convenient place to display some cushions. I have quite a lot of cushion covers and they take up a lot of room to display on a table, plus somehow they never look quite right. It would be great to have a sofa as a demo space sometime!

Here's a photo of the reproduction fabric I mentioned in my last post. I love it! The second fabric is from the original quilt which inspired my (hoped for) recreation.

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Nat Palaskas said...

Hi Susan, I have got your book Sashiko Inspirations in my hot little hand! It very strange when I read Lis's blog and she mentioned your name, but I didn't know at the time that you are an author of Sashiko Inspirations!!! I work in an university library and we ordered your book because I have been showing my colleagues to make Sashiko stitches. It's so good to meet you!!! Can't you feel I'm so excited? I'm going to Japan in March and would like to take some project to work on while I'm on holiday and I thought I will prepare a piece of Sashiko to take with me. How perfect! I will be back to visit and will follow your blog - Hugs Nat