Thursday, 28 January 2010

Saturday workshop at Serendipity, Bovey Tracey

I'm teaching a workshop at Serendipity on Saturday - the "Hinagata Kimono". This is a miniature sewing sample of a kimono, something that was used to teach girls how to sew nearly a hundred years ago. The one we are making will be hitoe (unlined) - this is achieveable on one day and gives the chance to learn various ways of neatening off the inside of the kimono too. Sorry, the workshop is already sold out. I'll post photos next week.

These are some of my old hinagata (Japanese online sellers often put a lighter in the photo for scale!)

Western clothing was made too -

- and household goods (these are all about Barbie doll size) -

Futon and quilt
Mosquito net

Yogi (kimono shaped quilt)

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