Sunday, 14 February 2010

Magic of Yuza Sashiko - screenshots & information

Some screenshots & explanations re the Yuza sashiko video follow, not necessarily in the order they appear in the video though (see previous post for video link).

0.29 - these patchworks made with Yuza sashiko samples are based on my "New Year's Eve in Yamagata City" quilt layout.

Stitching Yuza sashiko -

Yuza Sashiko school session at Reiko's studio -

View of Yuza town and Mt Chokai -

Reiko Domon, leader of Peaceful Heart Quilt Group, stitching at home -

Mid Showa era (mid C20th) sashiko workclothes -

Keiko Hori, Yuza sashiko expert and the person who taught me Kogin sashiko on my last visit -

Chie Ikeda, my first sashiko teacher -

It looks like Chie and Reiko are collaborating on this fantastic piece -

- using the same method to get an overview of the work in progress that we all know so well - standing on a chair! I can't wait to see this piece. Looking at the fabrics included, I think it is going to be one of the new Yamgata quilts that will be exhibited at Quilts UK this year.

Reiko has made several works combining stained glass applique with Yuza sashiko, including this one, inspired by a traditional kite painting.

A little clip from the "Magic of Sashiko" at the Festival of Quilts 2003 - some shots of quilters trying sashiko are included, so you might spot yourself!

This is one of the Yamagata quilts that are coming to the UK for the Grosvenor Quilt Shows this year - Reiko's depiction of the waterfall and steps at Mt Haguro.

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magsramsay said...

Takes me back! Great video, wish it had a translation.