Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bristol Quilters' Introduction to Shonai Sashiko workshop

Here are a couple of photos I took at last week's workshop with Bristol Quilters. They produced some lovely samples of Shonai sashiko (hitomezashi or "one stitch" sashiko). The pieces look a bit more colourful than usual, because I had some more plain cotton fabrics arrive from Japan just a week before, in various shades of reds, browns, green and yellows, plus there were some pieces of teal blue tsumugi cotton in my "squares" bag.

Since then, my host Sue sent me this photo showing pieces made by Hazel both during and after the workshop -

Sue made this beautiful cover for a pocket folder and filled it with the design notes for her sashiko quilt exhibited at Quilts UK at Malvern last year. You may remember seeing her quilt in one of my blog posts about the show. She uses komezashi (rice stitch) very effectively across the top of the folder cover and in the corners of her quilt. With a little practice, these hitomezashi patterns aren't as difficult to stitch as they look and can add interesting texture and pattern to a piece, contrasting with the more open look of other sashiko designs.

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