Monday, 22 March 2010

More V & A quilts links

I missed the Radio 4 Woman's Hour item about the V & A quilts this morning. I knew about it, but predictably I was busy doing the kind of work I need to do just before the next show (Exeter, from Friday to Saturday) - ordering books and other items while there is still chance to get them to me! Came back to the computer in hopes that the iPlayer would have the programme available already, but it isn't there yet. EDIT - 5p.m., the iPlayer works now.

BBC audio slideshow - great photos, lots of close up views.

BBC Woman's Hour webstite quilt photos - a few photos, including the Rajah quilt and some closeups

There is a listen again link on this page -

I liked Linda Seward's response to the comment about the amount of labour in the bed drapes -

You look at it as hard labour. I look at it as ultimate enjoyment. Somebody gathered all these wonderful fabrics, she sat down and she sewed them beautifully, has a wonderful result - you don’t think about labour, you think about the joy of what you’re doing. It is so satifying.

Images of all the pieces in the exhibition appear in earlier posts in my blog or on the BBC's slideshow, apart from this -

Thanks to Jackie and Sally W at BQTHL for rounding these links up.

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