Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Super Strips at Woodlands Patchers, Altrincham

Lovely Super Strips quilt centres being made by members of Woodlands Patchers last Wednesday! We had a fun day, everyone worked really hard and got the quilt centres finished, with several quilters starting out on the corner triangles. There were many gorgeous fabric combinations, from subtle Jelly Rolls in antique colours (even a couple of Honey Buns with 1 1/2in wide strips) to all the colours of the rainbow in batik rolls. Thanks for a fun day and an enjoyable time helping everyone to arrange and piece their strips before making the big cut!


Anne said...

These blocks look great! is this from a pattern you created?

(from Sally's quilting excellence list)

Susan Briscoe said...

The design/making method is one of mine, inspired by an antique coverlet in the Quilt Museum's collection at York (UK). It does look rather different in other fabrics!