Monday, 17 May 2010

A few more Malvern photos

A few more photos - chatting to Di Abram, one of our local quilting superstars, at my stand (you can see some of the new fabrics too) -

The Denman Kannon, with the perpetual cup awarded for hand quilting. I am impressed by the famous names already engraved on it.

The trophies before the awards ceremony - Ferret took home the one we christened the "mead bowl".


Ferret said...

Interestingly I think your quilt gains by being seen in a smaller picture too. The way the image flows into the border is a lot clearer than it is when you are too close to it, as you have to be at a show.

I keep trying to get those effects with a machine, but it really doesn't translate. I love the work, but I think I will be leaving you to do the hand sewing required :)

The mead bowl had a cats head in it within 5 minutes of it getting into the house. Apparently it is an appropriate cat bowl. Do you think my cat's have ideas above their station?

Susan Briscoe said...

Funny how quilts do that. Often when I'm designing something for a book, I'll try to imagine how it is going to look A4 size rather than life size!

The different densities of stitching you can do with the hitomezashi sashiko (the designs in the border) is not a million miles away from the kind of effects obtained with coloured/white threads and different freemotion longarm stitch densities. I think my former life as a printmaker comes out in work like this - rather like crosshatching an etching.

You should definitely let the cats have a drink of water out of the bowl before having an ancient British/Celtic/Saxon style all weekend party and using it for the mead. They obviously think you have brought something home that is worthy of them.

If I ever sponsor a quilt show award, it is going to have to be something that can be used to drink from - I think mine would leak if I tried.