Wednesday, 18 August 2010

All set up and ready to go at Festival of Quilts

The fabrics are in, the kimono are on their hangers and I'm just about set up for tomorrow. Will have an early start, so I can put my labels on things, but everything else is just about ready.

There's never enough table space for what I want to show, so at the moment the vintage recycled cottons are going to be in a box which I'll get out for the specialists! The vintage cotton bolts are on the front display. Yukata cottons and some of the other fabrics will be hung as panels from the kimono rail.

Unfortunately, some yuzen dyed silk panels didn't arrive in time for this show, but I hope they will be here for Great Northern Quilt Show.

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Lis said...

Great to meet you yesterday and I love what I bought from your beautiful selection of delights, hope you're having a great FoQ.