Friday, 6 August 2010

REALLY tiny houses

My house is small and could do with a storage makeover, but check out these really small houses in Japan - follow the links too. Some of the American chalet houses are just fantastic. I'm going to add the tiny house blog to my bloglist.


Minka's Studio said...

Thanks for 2 great tips! Love the story and the blog.

Susan Briscoe said...

I used to live in a tiny house (by UK standards) in Aberystwyth, No. 3 Gateway Buildings. The whole floor area was only 13ft square. The kitchen had space for one person to stand with the cooker, sink and fridge making a U-shape. My bedroom was about 9ft x 4ft, had a sliding door and narrowed towards the window. The other bedroom was just 6ft 6in x 9ft. The shower room and loo were in two tiny narrow rooms.

Still, I've never had such low utility bills ever!